Press Reviews

Sunday Times, 25th November 2012

"I’m a fan of the robustly smoked, muscularly textured salmon from this Mallaig fish merchant. It gets its character from a combination of peat and oak, and the flavour is deeper and “smokier” than a lot of salmon, but still perfectly balanced. From £20 for 500g to £34.50 a kg for an unsliced side. It also does fresh and smoked shellfish."

Sunday Telegraph Stella magazine 7th November 2010

Andy Race's combination of peat and oak produces an artisan smoke that is well balanced and sweet. These elegant translucent slivers are a Sunday Telegraph favourite year after year.

Sunday Telegraph Stella magazine 15th November 2009:

A perfectly balanced, classic smoked salmon, with an elegant aroma and firm texture. You won’t find any greasy layers, just a good dry fish smoked strongly and evenly. A joy to eat.

Sunday Times Style Magazine, 7 December 2008:

Buy the best smoked salmon "The peat smoked salmon from Andy Race, renowned Mallaig fish merchant has a punchy... flavour."

Sunday Telegraph Stella magazine November 2008:

In its "The very best smoked salmon" feature our smoked salmon was described as the "real deal"

BBC Olive Magazine November 2007:

"one of the three best smoked salmon to purchase for Christmas"

Sunday Telegraph Magazine, 5 December 2004:

"Andy Race peat-smoked organic salmon: The excellence of Andy Race's dry and peaty salmon will be remarked upon by even the most unobservant guest. "

The Observer Food Monthly magazine:

Voted the best smoked salmon by Marcus Wareing, Alan Holmes and Jay Rayner:

"WOW! A massive smokey flavour with a big muscled texture that suggests the fish lived a happy life. Some might find it overwhelming, but only if they have no taste.
Terrific. ***** "

Sunday Telegraph Magazine:

"Peat Perfect. There is an almost whisky-like depth to the flavour of this organic peat-smoked salmon from Andy Race Fish Merchants. Thanks to three days' smoking, it is dry, firm and very pale - a real treat".

The Independent Magazine:

Rick Stein's fantasy hamper for sharing with guests on Christmas Day:

"The day starts with Andy Race's salmon, dry-salted, then smoked over peat and oak for three days..."

Rick Stein, Country Walking Magazine:

“Andy Race has a great guiding principle when it comes to the fish he buys from the local west coast fishermen. He simply asks himself, ‘Would I want to eat this?’ Only the fish he answers ‘yes’ to gets on to his counter……..Whatever type of fish you prefer, you're bound to find something you’ll like at Andy Race Fish Merchants.”