Company Background

Andy Race Factory in Mallaig

We have been supplying quality fish to many of Scotland's most prestigious hotels for over twenty five years. Initially their guests contacted us for personal supplies, which encouraged us to offer a mail order service. Demand has grown over the years as people have become more discerning about the quality of their food.

Seafish Retail Quality AwardSea Fish Industry Authority has granted the Quality Award to Andy Race Fish Merchants Ltd in recognition of their high standards of product, premises and handling practices.

You can find out more about the area at the Road to the Isles site.

"Andy Race has a great guiding principle when it comes to the fish he buys from the local west coast fisherman. He simply asks himself, Would I want to eat this? Only the fish he answers 'yes' to gets on to his counter".

Rick Stein (Country Walking magazine)

Andy Race Seafood dishes, pictures courtesey of Country Walking magazine

Photos from Country Walking magazine, August 2004